English & Professional Writing Program


Specialized Honours BA: English & Professional Writing

English and Professional Writing is a “keeping doors open” program for students as devoted to reading and thinking critically about literature as they are to writing. The English side of the degree keeps open the possibility of graduate work in English, while the Professional Writing side attends to practice and more immediate employability.

The specialized nature of this program lies in the blending of English and Professional Writing into a single degree program that highlights and enhances the relationship between the two fields of study.

English and Professional Writing is, so far as we know, unique in Canada in offering this dual qualification, which produces graduates with a greater range of practical skills than graduates of English programs and greater theoretical sophistication and rhetorical flair than graduates of writing programs. It is not for every student but, for some medleys of aptitudes and aspirations, the combination of Professional Writing and English is a very good fit.

For the Professional Writing half of the program, students will fulfill the same requirements and benefit from the same experiential components as students in the Professional Writing Honours program.