2016 Jan Rehner Writing Prize Finalists

The Writing Department is pleased to announce the winners and runner-ups of the first annual Jan Rehner Writing awards.

1st Year


  • Mikenna Zerby “From Fermata to Overture”
  • WRIT 1003, Introduction to Professional Writing. Course Director: Andrea McKenzie


  • Marina Mekael, “Destined Dystopia: An Analysis of Ignorance in Oryx and Crake”
  • WRIT 1702, Becoming a Better Writer. Course Director: Jon Sufrin

2nd Year (Only one finalist was chosen)


  • Michelle Mogilner, “Feedback in Online Fanfiction”
  • WRIT 2004, Writing in Digital Cultures. Course Director: Jon Sufrin

 3rd Year


  • Rachel Lynar, “Charity Analysis: The Boundless School”
  • WRIT 3710, Introduction to Institutional Writing. Course Director: Marlene Bernholtz


  • Jazz Cook, “A Summer with the Mohawk Language”
  • WRIT 3730, Substantive Editing. Course Director: Dunja Baus

4th Year


  • Victoria Gooding, “Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
  • WRIT 4720, Print Culture and the History of the Book. Course Director: Dominique O’Neill


  • Caterina Borracci, “We’re Sorry and It Won’t Happen Again: The Strength of Mortification and Corrective Action Following Saint Mary’s University “Rape Chant” Crisis”
  • WRIT 4711, Practical Studies in Damage Control. Course Director: Jon Sufrin